Monitoring 5G Networks

NETSCOUT’s scalable monitoring solution, designed for the cloud, helps Carrier Service Providers (CSPs) to successfully deliver actionable insights into reliability and latency for 5G networks and services.

See it all or risk it all. End-to-end visibility from RAN to Core, and to the EDGE is critical and ensures troubleshooting for automated decisions for any cloud (public, private), any network (physical, virtual, hybrid), and any workload — Cloud, Virtual RAN, Virtual Core, and Edge Computing throughout the 5G Life Cycle.

5G Velocity requires Ultra High Definition (UHD) visibility for uninterrupted service assurance from: pre-launch, launch, to commercial operations for proactive and continuous insights into emerging 5G use cases.

5G Life Cycle Phases

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Assure Reliability of 5G and IoT Services

Achieve visibility into mission critical IoT services, create new revenue opportunities, assure high availability, secure devices, maintain service level agreements (SLA), and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with our carrier-grade solutions.

• Fournir des données d’entrée à partir de la modélisation

• Comprendre la croissance/les tendances du trafic

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Analyze 5G Network Behavior

From a single pane of glass validate design implementations, test entire 5G network design before launch, and assure a superior customer experience.

• Tester la conception réseau

• Analyser le trafic

• Valider la configuration

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Know Your 5G Network Uptake

Capitalize on the right analytics, for insights into the distribution of 5G services by unique subscriber counts and launch 5G with confidence.

• Valider l’utilisation des clients

• Vérifier que le réseau fonctionne correctement

• Confirmer les ressources internes

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Troubleshoot Your 5G Network

Leverage end-to-end troubleshooting, ensure low latency at the Edge, reduce MTTR, and improve OPEX.

• Gérer la CEM

• Évaluer le ROI

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Optimize Your 5G Network with GeoAnalytics

Quickly identify traffic hotspots, determine specific locations to deploy new cell sites, and save on OPEX.

• Optimiser les performances du système

• Améliorer les indicateurs clés de performance

• Générer un ROI essentiel grâce à l’automatisation et à l’examen analytique

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Improve Planning and Design for 5G Networks with Predictive Analysis

Gain visibility into augmentation measurements required for network planning and design from 4G to 5G with propagation models; accurately reflect pathloss around cell sites, avoid over planning and/or under planning network design, and save on CAPEX.

• Construire des modèles de propagation

• Analyser la densité et les schémas de trafic

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Pre-Launch Your 5G Network

Know your network use near real time insights, to make 'No Go or Go' production ready decisions.

• Tester le volume de trafic

• Tester l’état de préparation du système pour plusieurs sites

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CSPs deploying 5G Non Stand Alone (NSA) and Stand Alone (SA) network architecture can confidently integrate our 5G monitoring solution across multi-generations of mobile, cloud, and hybrid network technologies to gain visibility and insights into 5G network slices to assure rapid response of 5G services for:

la planification et l’optimisation du RAN

Concevoir automatiquement le réseau pour une croissance accrue et de meilleures performances

Analyse de sessions de bout en bout

Gagner en visibilité sur les sessions complexes, la réduction des dépannages et la surveillance des extensions réseau

Garantie de services proactifs

Appliquer une analyse multidimensionnelle et recueillir des preuves scientifiques en temps quasi réel

Big data et examen analytique automatisé

Acquérir une vision d'ensemble des activités et prendre en compte le retour sur investissement (ROI)

Étalonnage de la modélisation de la propagation

Minimiser le temps d'amélioration du réseau en exploitant l'optimisation prédictive


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