Learn How to Extend the Life of Your Tools

More data equals more demands on the network, and increased IT workloads. Les organisations migrent leurs centres de données vers des débits atteignant 10G voir même 40G afin de pouvoir gérer ces exigences élevées. And with network upgrades done in a piecemeal fashion, how can you avoid speed mismatches and silos of visibility for your network monitoring and security solutions all while easing lengthy deployment cycles?

Optimize 10G and 40G Security Monitoring

Simplify Network Upgrade Cycles

In this white paper, learn how monitoring tools, security systems, and your IT staff, can overcome these challenges and ease the network upgrade cycle.

Read how packet flow systems deliver:

  • Partage des trames
  • Équilibrage de la charge
  • Conversions des débits
  • Mappage de la densité des ports

To ensure your lower speed monitoring tools or security systems function with maximum performance regardless of what the network sends their way, Read now.


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