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Le nec plus ultra en matière de protection DDoS intelligemment automatisée

Même les sociétés les plus expérimentées ont parfois besoin d’aide. With Arbor Managed Services, you can outsource all or a portion of your Arbor deployment to the experts - so you can focus on what you do best.

DDoS Attack Protection Is Our Core Competency

If you’re like most organizations, DDoS attack protection is probably not your core competency. But it is ours. NETSCOUT has been the undisputed leader in DDoS attack protection for the last 17 years. Non seulement nous produisons les meilleurs produits de protection contre les attaques par déni de service au monde ; nous les utilisons également pour fournir des services de protection contre les attaques DDoS managés de haute qualité dans le monde entier. Ces services entièrement gérés et reconnus par le secteur peuvent inclure une combinaison intelligemment automatisée de protection cloud et sur site, soutenue 24h/24 et 7j/7 par des experts mondiaux en atténuation des attaques DDoS et une Threat Intelligence permanente.

Entrust Your Arbor-Based DDoS Protection to The Experts

By entrusting your DDoS protection to NETSCOUT, you can be assured that you are utilizing best of breed technology, industry best practices in defense and experts whose sole responsibility is protecting the availability of your network/services from DDoS attacks – so you can focus on what you do best.

Arbor Managed Services enable you to:

  • Leverage experts who mitigate DDoS attacks daily to protect your network/services from attacks while your staff concentrates on enabling your business to operate.
  • Reduce the cost and time associated with hiring, training, and maintaining a 24 x 7 staff with DDoS expertise.
  • Rely upon rich service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure reliability and response from the NETSCOUT DDoS mitigation team.
  • Ensure protection based on industry best practices and backed by continuous threat research focused on DDoS and other botnet threats.

Arbor Managed Services Offer Value Before, During and After an Attack

Before Attack - Expert implementation, provisioning and day-to-day maintenance of DDoS attack protection products to properly prepare your business for a DDoS attack.

During Attack - Intelligently automated in-cloud and on-premise DDoS attack mitigation conducted by industry experts to quickly stop DDoS attacks before they impact your business. Access to a customer portal, emails and/or direct communication with mitigation expert that provide constant feedback of DDoS attack mitigation activity.

After Attack - Comprehensive post mortem reports, consultation and policy tuning to understand and prepare for future attacks.

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Key Features & Benefits of Arbor Managed DDoS Protection Services

  • Expertly Managed DDoS Protection
    All of Arbor’s managed DDoS protection services are backed 24x7 by industry leading products and dedicated experts in DDoS attack mitigation; enabling organizations to outsource all or a portion of their DDoS protection so they can optimize in-house staff.

  • Global, Cloud-Based Protection
    Arbor Cloud is a fully managed DDoS attack protection service that offers over 7 Tbps of DDoS attack mitigation capacity via 9 worldwide scrubbing centers; providing global protection for organizations of any size.

  • Scalable, Fully Managed On-Premises Protection Feature
    NETSCOUT offers an on-premise DDoS attack protection appliance that can automatically stop TCP-state exhaustion, application-layer and volumetric DDoS attacks as large as 40 Gbps. The APS can be fully managed by Arbor’s DDoS mitigation experts to optimize DDoS protection and reduce stress on in-house security teams.

  • Intelligently Automated, Hybrid Protection
    The intelligently automated, fully managed combination of in-cloud (via Arbor Cloud) and on-premises (via Arbor APS) is continuously armed with ATLAS® global threat intelligence; offering the most comprehensive form of protection from the modern-day DDoS attack.

DDoS and Security Research

NETSCOUT's ASERT team continues to monitor the threat landscape and report on new actors, malware under development, and increasingly sophisticated techniques deployed.  Learn More

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Services managés Arbor

Learn how NETSCOUT, the industry leader in DDoS solutions, can manage Arbor DDoS defense solutions on your behalf.

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Arbor Managed Availability Protection System

Vous avez investi dans un produit de protection contre les attaques par déni de service distribué haut de gamme, pourquoi ne pas le maximiser en permettant au leader du secteur de le gérer pour vous ? Le service Arbor Managed APS (mAPS) vous offre de nombreux avantages. Pour en savoir plus, téléchargez cette présentation.

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Arbor Cloud pour les fournisseurs de services

Augmentez votre capacité d’atténuation locale et votre personnel avec Arbor Cloud pour prestataires de services.

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Managed DDoS Protection Services for Enterprises

A solution brief which outlines the features and benefits of Arbor Managed Services for enterprises.

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Managed DDoS Services for ISPs

A solution brief providing DDoS attack information to help build a business case for DDoS Services in your portfolio

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Cinq questions à se poser lorsqu’on envisage un service managé des attaques DDoS

Lors de l’évaluation de la protection contre les attaques par déni de service distribué (DDoS) pour votre entreprise, quelles sont les principales questions que vous devriez poser à un fournisseur de services managés ?

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Managed DDoS Service: Comparing CDN Services to a Hybrid Strategy

Among the options available for protection against DDoS attacks, some enterprises turn to content delivery networks or CDNs – globally distributed networks serving web content such as streaming video to end users.

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Managed DDoS Service: What Separates Good From Great?

The case for a managed DDoS protection and mitigation service is well established. Partnering with a provider that can oversee the system’s operation takes a big IT issue off your plate, augments your staff resources, and gives you access to specialized DDoS expertise. But not all managed DDoS services are alike. How can you tell a great one from a merely good one? Here are the hallmarks to look for.

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