During his 30-year career as an industry leading entrepreneur and technologist Anil Singhal has pioneered many new concepts and inventions. Lo and Behold is an innovation of a different type. Developed with the intent of sparking a conversation about our Connected World, NETSCOUT collaborated with legendary film-maker and director Werner Herzog to explore the questions and issues that affect the everyday of everyone on our planet. View a conversation between Anil and Werner on the importance of protecting the Connected World.
Theatre Trailer
Our Dependency
Protecting the Connected World
L’avenir du monde connecté

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January of 2016 and was subsequently licensed by Magnolia Entertainment for global film and digital distribution. It opened in theatres in the U.S. on August 19th and debuts in Europe on October 23rd. Available now on Amazon, Apple iTunes and most popular cable platforms today the film will also be viewable on NetFlix worldwide before the end of 2016.
At this point in time both NETSCOUT and Werner Herzog are exploring the possibilities of future Connected World content.
NETSCOUT is relentlessly developing the tools needed to protect the evolution, sustainability and operational efficiencies of today's critical systems. Making sure the Guardians of the Connected World have all the tools needed to secure it is our number one priority.
Artist Bio - Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog, born in Munich in 1942, grew up in a remote valley in the Bavarian mountains. He started developing films at age 15 and made his first phone call at the age of 17. Herzog studied history and literature in college. Since then, he has written, produced, and directed over 70 films. He has also published books, staged operas, acted in films, and founded the Rogue Film School.
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