Améliorer l’efficacité, la rapidité et les performances du laboratoire de test d’applications et de réseaux.

Valider que les appareils et les applications fonctionnent comme prévu est essentiel pour la satisfaction des clients. This validation begins in a lab environment during development and quickly migrates to production when new features are deployed or upgraded. Whether you are responsible for verification in test labs, monitoring in production, or both, we have the solutions you need.

NETSCOUT has introduced the industry’s first 1, 10, and 40G Layer 1 switching solution with integrated intelligence. Our nGenius® 3900 Series Packet Flow Switch (PFS), with new integrated S-Blade Pro, delivers a unique combination of Layer 1 switching combined with higher level intelligence in a single platform that helps to optimize overall test lab performance.

Test Lab Automation Infrastructure
An efficient test lab uses layer-1 switching, or physical layer switching, at its core to enable rapid and automated topology changes without ever touching a cable. Using NETSCOUT’s solutions, it is possible to not only create an efficient test lab, but to truly optimize your test lab by using features that build upon layer 1 connectivity in order to provide higher level layer 2-4 features, all in a single platform. Features such as rate conversion, aggregation, replication, filtering, impairment, and packet generation are readily available in NETSCOUT’s Test Lab Automation Infrastructure solutions, and complement baseline layer 1 switching.

Test Tools for Labs
Technology in telecommunications networks continues to evolve at a rapid pace. VoIP and IMS are now ubiquitous and VoLTE rollouts are accelerating around the globe. In parallel with the evolution of cable, fixed, and wireless networks, the emergence of WebRTC could enable a new class of browser-based communication options for service providers and enterprises. Keeping up with all of this requires a core network test tool that supports the latest in communication technology and can also verify interoperability with legacy SS7 and ISDNdeployments. NETSCOUT’s Spectra2 solutions provide just that.

Best Network Test Optimization

Quoi de neuf au niveau de l'optimisation des tests

Les produits d'optimisation des tests NETSCOUT permettent aux laboratoires d'essais de réseaux et d'applications de classe mondiale d'apporter une partie de cette technologie hors du laboratoire et dans les réseaux de production.
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Automatisation du laboratoire de tests

Tests hautes performances | Laboratoire en tant que service | Automatisation du laboratoire de tests | Cyber and Security Test Labs The global spread of COVID-19 has not only changed the routine of our daily lives, but also how and where we work. Avec le changement soudain et spectaculair...
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Outils de test pour laboratoire et production

Nouveau | Certification contrôlée | WebRTC | Test de diamètre | Test IMS/EPC | Load Test TEST TOOLS FOR LAB & PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS NETSCOUT delivers core network test and validation functions to ensure the successful deployment of new telecommunications...
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